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The Best Rates & Terms in Commercial Real Estate Loans

With USA Business Lending, we work hard to earn your business, whatever the size of the loan. You are always in the driver's seat. 

USA Business Lending is part of the USA Business Lending network. USA Business Lending is honored to be the only endorsed commercial loan provider for NAMB, the National Association of Mortgage Professionals. At USA Business Lending, NAMB members are always VIPs.

America's Leading Commercial Real Estate Lending Team

Mike Surber



John W. Boyd

Attorney At Law

Kelly Cable


David Bray

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Hart

Executive Vice President-Underwriting

Tim Henkle

Managing Broker

Bob Sweeney

Vice President of
Business Development

As a member organization, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers is the voice of the mortgage industry, helping to promote mortgage professionals and home buyers in a myriad of ways since 1973.

Through our affiliation with USA Business Lending, we are a preferred vendor for current and future Papa John's franchisees, We work with their corporate office to bring loan options not previously available. For buying out other franchisee and real estate loans, we have the financing for your Papa John’s restaurants.

Convenience store and gas station owners have a partner in NationwideBusiness Lending. We have the creative lending options you need to grow your organization, limited only by your ambition


No Two Loans are the Same

USA Business Lending covers the entire commercial lending universe, giving you an incredible array of options for putting your real estate deal together. Let's work together to find a creative solution for your commercial mortgage.

Financing Eligibility

Construction, Renovation, Refinance and Acquisition of CRE.

Loan Amount

$500,000 to $50,000,000.*


3 / 5 / 7 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 years.*


Up to 30 years.*

Interest Rate

Fixed or Variable, each based either on treasure bill indexes or prime lending rate spread respectively.

Collateral/Loan to Value

Secured lien via 1st Mortgage / Deed of Trust on CRE. Max 80% on Investment / Max 85% on Owner Occupied. Up to 90% on SBA.


Equal monthly payments based upon term sheet. Principal and interest or interest only options available. Prepayment Penalties are case by case basis.

*Subject to review and change by lender.

Commercial Loans for Any Type of Property

From shopping malls to chain restaurants, and from gas stations to car washes, USA Business Lending is aggressive in finding ways to say yes to every possible commercial loan. Explore some of the infinite possibilities.


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Ready for a Career in Commercial Real Estate Mortgages?

USA Business Lending is the strongest name in commercial lending. Earn commercial-grade commissions in the red-hot market for commercial real estate loans.


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"Commercial Loans Made Easy"

We offer over 30 years of leadership in commercial real estate loans. 

The team at USA Business Lending has the industry experience and knowledge to help you get a commercial real estate loan so you can establish your business in the city.  You as a business owner have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a lender for your commercial real estate loan. USA Business Lending promises to not only give you a good experience but to provide superior customer service and a painless process with what is potentially the biggest investment of your career. Our mortgage specialists walk you through the process from start to finish so you can be informed of exactly what to expect. We help you get a loan that works for your budget, goals, and timeline so that you can focus on your business and leave the financials to us. 

Our ​partners in commercial real estate loans. 

We prioritize our clients in everything we do. Creating a seamless loan process involves having the best team members in place to approve, close and support commercial real estate loans. Financial institutions, mortgage professionals, and realtors all play an important role in the commercial loan process and we are fortunate to work with highly rated individuals at the top of their fields. We are proud to be an endorsed provider for NAMB+, the National Association of Mortgage Professionals, offering their clients the best resource for all of their commercial lending needs nationwide.

USA Business Lending, offering commercial real estate loans of all kinds, our success is dependent on the success of our clients. Our “Commercial Loans Made Easy” program is designed to make closing easy and successful. We are committed to you. You will have direct access to your representative at all times. We provide a fast review and pre-approval. 

Commercial Real Estate Loans Made Easy 

Finding and securing a lender for your commercial real estate loan can be extremely overwhelming. You have so many companies to choose from, making the process even more of a burden. When you choose USA Business Lending, you can trust that we will do everything we can to make acquiring your commercial real estate loan easy. We value your business success, and as a result, give you the individual attention you deserve. We evaluate your goals, your budget, and then work hard on our end to set up your loan so you can get started! Our team keeps you informed throughout the process, but we do the hard work of organizing your loan so you can focus on building your business!

Commercial Real Estate Loans for All Types of Properties 


Business Lending provides commercial real estate loans for a variety of properties. Our team is comprised of individuals who are experienced in all different property zones and types. Our in-depth knowledge of different property types helps us better serve you so that you can have access to the best rates, relationships, and benefits that fit your needs. We offer loans for sports and entertainment, medical, industrial and warehouse, retail, office buildings, hospitality, hotels, convenience store and gas stations, and multifamily housing properties. Our professionals will help you get the right commercial real estate loans at the right rates no matter what business endeavor you are pursuing.


Commercial Real Estate Loans for All Businesses


Did you know that there are many different types of commercial real estate loans? Every individual situation and business owner can benefit from different types of loans.  One type of loan we offer is a permanent loan, which is a basic mortgage on your commercial property. We also offer SBA loans. These are written by traditional and non-traditional lenders and are guaranteed by the Small Business Association. There are several SBA loans that cater to different types of borrowers. We also offer bridge loans: short term mortgage loans on your commercial property. We suggest bridge loans when you are waiting on longer-term financing. Regardless of the size of your business or your financial situation, we can help you understand exactly what you need and acquire the loan type that will be best for your business. 

Unparalleled Customer Service in Commercial Real Estate Loans

When it comes to investing in your business, especially property where your business will operate, you want to make sure you are working with lenders you can trust. Our team operates on honesty, integrity, and respect for each client, regardless of the size of their project. We value every one of our clients and work hard because you work hard. We have a diverse team that has years of experience which will support your goals for your commercial real estate loans. When it comes to customer service, our goal is to be a cut above the rest so that when you choose us to be your lender, we maintain a relationship with you for all of your loan endeavors. 

Commercial Real Estate Loans to Meet Your Specific Needs

No two business owners are alike, which means that no two loans are the same, either. We evaluate each client and situation and provide individual guidance so that you are set up with a loan that works for you. Because our mortgage professionals have been in the industry for such a long time, we have established a huge network of lenders. This means that we can match you with a lender that best fits you and your needs, and it also means you have access to the best rates and most competitive loans on the market. 


USA Business Lending is passionate about seeing businesses and business owners thrive in our city. That’s why we work toward excellence day in and day out with every client we serve. Our mortgage experts have been working for years and have helped facilitate commercial real estate loans for business' of all types, both big and small, and in every industry, you could imagine. You can trust that we offer the services of a national company with the customer care you want and need. We are grateful that you are considering USA Business Lending to achieve your business dreams!